New Zealand based music artist Emme Lentino has just released a pop-rock smash Some Other Girl. Originally from Oregon US, Emme’s brand of indie pop, rock & Americana has seen the singer-songwriter, musician and actress go from strength to strength establishing a global presence and a loyal fan base. Recorded in London and produced by Al Clay (Pink, Stereophonics) Some Other Girl has it all: hooks, a blistering sound, Emme’s dynamic vocal performance and a poignant lyric that explores self-empowerment with visceral energy. As Emme says of the track: ‘This is a song I really believe in. It has an empowering message I feel all young people will resonate with’. 

Some Other Girl is a big song; impassioned, stirring and unforgettable. Some Other Girl is at radio today and available to download on October the 2nd.