Ghost Lover (Radio Edit)

Just in time for halloween....

Have you ever been haunted by love? Felt the chills run down your spine as you felt another… Has this haunting disturbed you and made your heart ache and you wondered if you’d ever be free? 


Just in time for Halloween….. ‘Ghost Lover’ radio edit will be available on all major platforms on October 25th.


Recorded NightBird Studios in Los Angeles, California  - inspired by hanging out at the Sunset Marquis and it’s iconic rock history & suffering insomnia..I slept walked to the piano where the song danced on the keys...

Ghost Lover(Radio Edit) is a song you don't want to miss.



Emme's new song "Oceanside is this year’s super-immersive summer hit; a dreamy invocation to the delights of memory and place, harnessing all the expressive elements of Emme’s poignant performance and blending it with a seductive, modern musical edge"


'Some Other Girl'

From landing the coveted #1 spot in the Regional Radio Charts in Australia to being added to Australia's largest Commercial Country Network- KIX Country radio and spot play on ABC Music network.....

Emme Lentino satisfies our pop-that’s-a-little-country-rock expectations with ‘Some Other Girl’ - BMA Magazine

In just one month this song has been streamed almost 100,000K!

Watch the music video now! It's climbing to over 32,000 views in just two weeks!