Interview with Singer-Songwriter & Actress Emme Lentino” - Gaurav Gulati

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From performing on Broadway and collaborations with well known music producers and songwriters, Emme Lentino has gained a wealth of experience which has led her songs placements on ‘Victoria Secrets’ commercials and well know TV’s shows on the ABC to name just a few. ” - Danielle Haskell

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Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Lost and Found”?” - RJ Frometa

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Emme has been healing since the loss of her husband and one thing has helped her in that recovery process - pouring her heart and soul into new music that she has now released and is performing at venues in front of appreciative audiences around the world. There are many signs that this extraordinarily talented artist is on the verge of a major breakout. ” - Ron Jackson

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New Zealand Based Singer-Songwriter EMME LENTINO Discusses Her Newest Music, Biggest Inspirations and More!” - Leah Brungardt

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